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Тhe future

Conquest of space

2214... Humanity has long escaped the confines of our home planet and the building of an interstellar economy is paving the way for future generations to conquer the universe.

Age of the corporations

The nations of our old home world proved too inflexible and bureaucratic to carry humanity forward and private-for-profit corporations are driving the human race into the stars.

Nano-tech and genetics

The corporations have advanced nanotechnology and cybernetics that allow them to deploy autonomous living machines on remote worlds in order to use their vast resources.


Advanced terraforming and genetic engineering capabilities enable the introduction of magnificent species to habitable planets.


This new expansion is also a power struggle. The corporations have extensive security infrastructures that can handle anything from information misuse to direct physical confrontation.

The leader

The expansion needs visionary leaders to join and drive our kind's galactic odyssey. To inhabit worlds, harness the power of stars, and conquer space - HUMANITY NEEDS YOU!

Тhe playground

Different Worlds

Pick a spectacular new world on which to evolve. None of the planets are free of struggle and hardship. The tactics to overcome the competition are different and will require your own adaptation and flexibility.

Real-time Development

Make real-time decisions based on territory, resources, and relative strengths. Each planet's map offers different geography and gameplay length. Follow the tips and advice that are offered and make sure to harvest the research bonuses.

A Variety of Upgrades

Improve using the two tabs of options that increase your relative strength againt the opponents. The upgrades require research points and DNA materials. Tapping on an available upgrade shows the increases of stregth that can be gained. The red rectangles on the right show how much you will be improving.

Resource Transfer

Turn extra DNA points into research points and vice versa using this tab of the options screen. The research points are accumulated over time and by harvesting the bonuses from the main map. The DNA points are proportional to the territory that is dominated.

Territory and Descriptions

Get the exact territory distributions and understand the opponents better by reading what they actually are. This chart screen from the game provides vital information that can shape your approach.

Dominated Territory History

See the ups and the downs and compare how much each one of the opponents controlled over time. Watch out for those aggressive opponents for once they start gaining speed against you, it is vital to act.

The planets

Primo Sylas

This is the world of the mega-trees. The landscape is dominated by giant oxygen-generating organisms much like the ones responsible for the coal generated on Earth millions of years ago. The bio-resources are vast and this is an important planet for the corporations.

Nuova Terra III

This planet supports single-cell life. It is what Earth might have been billions of years ago. Some corporations are using the planet for developing new bio-weapons. Others are aiming to turn it into an outpost by terraforming and generating an oxygen-rich environment.

Crystallus Elysium

This vast world is rich in minerals and so unforgiving that unaided life quickly fades away. Synthetic life forms can survive if aided by nanotechnology. Some corporations deploy cybernetic organisms that use the strength of a tech shell and body together with the efficiency of bio photosynthesis.


  • One wrong step and you're done

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    Liked it and got almost caught by boss playing it. It gets difficult at the end. One needs to be very precise in upgrading. Especially in hard mode, it takes longer to receive dna. Keep an eye on the boss, too!

    by humanoid


About Us

Frontier Worlds: Origins is developed by Nesarg Ltd, an independent company devoted to creating truly sensible games. If you not only enjoy the game, but also learn new things, we would have accomplished our goal. Learning should be fun and gaming should be learning.

  • Game design: Vladimir Vladimirov, Krasen Georgiev
  • Development: Nikola Kirev
  • Graphics design: Emil Hristov
  • Sound: Elena Stepanova